Robert Grafton, M.D.

Robert Grafton, M.D.

28345 Beck Rd., Suite 311
Wixom, Michigan 48393

Platelet Rich Plasma Doctor at PSI Medical Group in Wixom Michigan

Dr. Robert Grafton, M.D., of PSI Medical Group, is a leading authority in anti-aging and platelet rich plasma therapies. With over three decades of medical experience, Dr. Grafton specializes in PRP treatments, tailoring treatments to each individual's needs. His practice combines innovative solutions like PRP, IV therapy, weight loss programs, and sexual wellness treatments with a proactive approach to wellness, focusing on prevention and personalized care. Dr. Grafton’s holistic strategy not only targets specific health goals but also enhances overall vitality. Experience the commitment to excellence that Dr. Grafton provides every patient and take the first step toward a rejuvenated, healthier life!

Benefits of Platelet-Rich Plasma

  • Low Risk of Adverse Reactions
  • Quick and Painless
  • Improve Over Time
  • Works With Other Therapies
  • Affordable

Patient Testimonials

“Dr Grafton saved my life, my attitude, my energy, well just about everything. He is a wealth of knowledge and information to help with your health care in a way that is second to none. We all know we have to be involved in our health care these days, and I find PSI medical to be just the right place for that. Dr Grafton is easy to talk to and I can’t wait to ask him more questions!”
-Michele H.